Has the Muni League's tough analysis of the Seattle basketball arena proposal made you more supportive, or less supportive, of the deal?

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The Municipal League of King County asks whether the arena deal is good enough. The civic group’s six-page analysis of the proposal to bring professional basketball back to Seattle says the plan is not risk-free and may not be as “self-financing as claimed by proponents.”

The Muni League hasn’t taken a position on the deal, but offers valuable and knowledgeable observations. Times Editorial Page raised similar questions and concerns here and here and here.

The League calls for greater scrutiny of the deal, including questions about future needs. Will a growing population eventually outgrow the space as it did KeyArena and if so, are stadium financiers putting aside money for that? Are belt-tightening corporations ready to spend on the luxury suites and seats key to the arena’s survival? And most importantly, are city and county general funds, which pays for basic services, protected even if the arena does poorly?

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