Name them the M.V. Ole Hanson and the M.V. Anna Louise Strong.

The Washington State Ferries is asking for suggestions to name its two new Olympic-class boats. Seattle Times columnist Ron Judd suggests that one of them be called the M.V. Ivar Haglund after Seattle’s “keep clam” restaurateur. A reader suggests the M.V. Thomas Minor Pelly after the late congressman. “Ivar” is a fine suggestion; “Pelly” doesn’t make it for me. But I have a few other ones.

There are two ferries. What’s wanted is contrasts. Yin and Yang. Something like the M.V. Henry Yesler and the M.V. Chief Seattle.

More provocatively, name it for the two figures in the Seattle General Strike of 1919: the M.V. Ole Hanson, for the mayor who took credit for putting it down, and the M.V. Anna Louise Strong, for the radical who fanned the flames.

Yin and Yang.

Update 10:51 a.m.

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