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I didn’t think there would be more to say about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but, oh, there is.

Once again, the annual electronics trade show feels like the final days of the Roman Empire with the same excess, partying and emptiness.

The industry is working overtime this week to convince the rest of the world that they need to buy a new television, smartphone, washing machine and tablet. The new buzz word is “4K televisions,” as reported by the news side’s Brier Dudley in Las Vegas, and if you don’t want your children touching your iPad 3, here is a a 20-inch Panasonic tablet that runs on Windows software that can take water being poured over it.

To be fair, the more recent conferences have not been as excessive as the ones in the early 2000s. At the 2002 show, Sharp filled a giant glass tank with water in its booth and divers flipped off a springboard into the water every 30 minutes.

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Check out The Verge’s clips of the most over the top moments in the show’s Tuesday night keynote speech by chip maker Qualcomm. It features a clip of Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer running on stage, Ballmer style, as well as Big Bird, a Rolls Royce and Maroon 5. You may also want to read The Verge’s comic commentary on the Qualcomm event.

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