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What’s brewing:

Housing prices: Housing prices have finally begun rising in King County. Our editorial says your house is not a place for speculative investing.

A home is place to live. It should also be a way for a buyer to build up equity — slowly.
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A good setup for the news that a new condo building is rising in the Denny Triangle, the first after a long drought according to The Seattle Times this morning.

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Wii U and Nintendo: Nintendo of America is based in Redmond and it’s coming out with a new tablet gaming device, according to Seattle Times’ columnist Brier Dudley. It’s great to see healthy competition with Apple for tablet devices, both from Nintendo and from Microsoft as it readies Windows 8 for release. Competition makes for good prices and choice.

It’s not raining: Yet. (At least not here in Capitol Hill.) Happy June-uary.

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