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Salary & Benefits

Scott Papez was recently hired to work in the Minneapolis office of PwC. The consulting giant offers $1,200 a year for up to six years to help pay off student loans. (Jerry Holt / Minneapolis Star Tribune via TNS)

Student debt relief — the next big workplace perk?

Companies are coming up with a variety of incentives, including a lump-sum contribution or paying a monthly amount toward student loans, to entice millennials — who may not be motivated by retirement savings plans.

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Some companies try unlimited vacation

Besides being a strong recruitment and retention tool, such policies can free companies from any unused vacation pay liability if they currently allow vacation days to accrue.

(Bay Area News Group / TNS)

Americans in love with wacky, esoteric job titles

No longer content with being just Senior Vice President or Managing Director, professionals have been drinking the Silicon Valley startup Kool-Aid, and they’re getting downright giddy with their job titles.