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Women’s dislike of competition affects gender pay gap, study says

Women’s aversion to competition explains about a 10th of the gender pay gap among high-ability professionals, a recent study of young MBAs found, not only because women opt for less-aggressive fields but because men may do better when negotiating bonuses. While prior studies have shown that women have less of a taste for competition than...

Scott Papez was recently hired to work in the Minneapolis office of PwC. The consulting giant offers $1,200 a year for up to six years to help pay off student loans. (Jerry Holt / Minneapolis Star Tribune via TNS)

Student debt relief — the next big workplace perk?

Companies are coming up with a variety of incentives, including a lump-sum contribution or paying a monthly amount toward student loans, to entice millennials — who may not be motivated by retirement savings plans.

Understanding health savings accounts

Your Money Adviser: This special, tax-favored account allows you to contribute money pretax from your paycheck, let it grow tax-free and withdraw it tax-free to pay for eligible medical expenses.