First "Dummies" book published — 7,500 copies of "DOS For Dummies." ...

1991: First “Dummies” book published — 7,500 copies of “DOS For Dummies.”

1992: Licenses to foreign publishers for translation.

1994: First consumer title published, “Personal Finance For Dummies”; number of “For Dummies” books in print hits 10 million.

1995: Dr. Ruth Westheimer writes “Sex For Dummies,” becoming the first celebrity author.

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1997: First lady Hillary Clinton receives a copy of “E-mail For Dummies” from her staffers when Chelsea leaves for college; “Windows 95 For Dummies” cracks the New York Times best-seller list.

1998: Number of Dummies books in print hits 50 million.

2000:“Sewing Patterns For Dummies” introduced; travel guides launched.

2001: “Basic Yoga Workout For Dummies” becomes the top-selling exercise video in the United States; number of English-language “Dummies” books hits 100 million.

2002: “Pregnancy For Dummies” becomes TV miniseries on the Discovery Health Channel.

2003: “Pilates for Dummies DVD” sells 110,000 copies.

2004: Number of titles passes 900; “Home Buying For Dummies” lands on BusinessWeek’s long-running best-seller list.

2005: Total copies of “Dummies” books printed passes 150 million.

2006: Dummies “kits” to hit the market include ones for dog-grooming, wine appreciation and bird-watching.

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