Max Zupanovic is listed as "Max Supernova" in Middletown Area High School's yearbook. William and Elizabeth Givler's last name is "Giver"...

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MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Max Zupanovic is listed as “Max Supernova” in Middletown Area High School’s yearbook.

William and Elizabeth Givler’s last name is “Giver” in the book, and Cameron Bendgen’s last name was changed to “Bandage.” Student council member Kathy Carbaugh became “Kathy Airbag.”

And Alessandra Ippolito isn’t sure what to think after seeing a caption listing her as “Alexandria Impolite.”

“It was kind of funny, but kind of rude at the same time,” Ippolito said.

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A computerized spell-checker used by a publishing company spelled trouble for the school’s yearbook, Reflections, bestowing new names on several students.

Leslie Givler was shocked to see her children, William, a sophomore, and Elizabeth, a freshman, listed in a picture with their last name as “Giver.” Leslie Givler said she paid $53 each for two yearbooks.

Four of the yearbook’s 176 pages, which featured the school’s band, chorus and student council, were affected, said co-editor Amanda Gummo.

Ed Patrick of Taylor Publishing, which printed the book, said that the company takes full responsibility for the errors and that yearbook mistakes are common.

Another yearbook published by Taylor, Red Land High School’s The Heritage, was delivered recently with 16 pages plagued by missing photos, misspelled words and gibberish filler text.

Patrick said the final CD for the 16 pages in question was never received from the school. What happened to it is being investigated.

The company was willing to reprint the book, but that’s not what school officials wanted, he said. Red Land High School and West Shore School District officials said a reprinting of just the 16 pages as a supplement was good enough.

Dan Whitman, the Middletown yearbook’s co-editor, said his staff put slips of paper in each of the 400 books to warn students of the errors.

“Certain things about it are funny, but it’s kind of messed up,” Whitman said. “No one wants their name to be changed, especially in their senior yearbook, but it was out of our control.”

Taylor will give Middletown free stickers with corrected names to go over the faulty pages, Patrick said.

Middletown Area High School Principal Patrick Hruz said he is still figuring out how to appease the parents and students who have complained.

Senior twin sisters Courtney and Kayla Hrobak have the last name “Throwback” in the yearbook.

“Everybody’s joking about it,” Courtney Hrobak said. “Most people just think it’s a senior prank.”

Hruz said he also initially thought the name changes were a practical joke.

“Students who were involved in the yearbook themselves — their names were ridiculously misprinted,” he said. “They certainly wouldn’t do that to themselves or other kids.”

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