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RAVE To Olive Garden and other businesses that gave a free meal to veterans on Veterans Day. Nice to see so many other veterans there.

RANT To the young woman driving on I-90 during morning rush hour putting on makeup, swerving all over the road oblivious to honking and flashing headlights of fellow drivers. Are your mascara-ed eyes really worth risking your life and mine?

RAVE To all the kind people who helped when I lost my car key while running around Green Lake: the locksmith who quickly showed up to let me in my car, the barista who gave me free coffee because she felt like I needed it, and the good person who found my keys and put them on a streetlight ledge so I could spot them as I walked looking for them. Good people are out there in abundance.

RANT To the early-morning cyclist, no lights, wearing all dark clothing, with your helmet hanging from your handlebars; the construction workers jaywalking in traffic not 10 feet from the crosswalk also wearing dark clothing; and to all of you who walk, run or bike in the predawn or post-sunset hours wearing all dark clothing. You must realize that although you can see the cars, the drivers have a hard time seeing you. You might as well be invisible if you’re not wearing something reflective or at least light-colored. If you must wear all black, please at least obey the rules of the road.

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RAVE Kudos and lauds to all the people at City Light who worked so diligently day and night to restore power for us and all the other folks who lost power in the recent storm.

RANT To the state specialist who took my unemployment claim and made me feel like I had done something wrong for being laid off. She needs to be more understanding. What if the shoe were on the other foot and it was her in this situation?

I’m still smiling about the four teenage boys who came to my house for trick-or-treat on Halloween. I opened the door, saw them in street clothes and said, “Let me guess, you’re teenage boys?” One of them turned on his iPhone to music, and they started singing! So amazed for their clever idea and harmony, I asked them to sing another song. Thanks so much, boys!

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