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RAVE To Jim, a man in Tacoma who bought a bike on Craigslist that turned out to be mine, stolen five months earlier. He checked the serial number on a stolen bike registry, found me and even drove to Seattle to return it since I don’t have a car. He melted away my cynicism.

RANT To the jerk who pushed an 82-year-old grandma with cancer against a car and stole her purse in broad daylight, taking her only cash for the month and using her credit cards, and causing her to lose peace of mind and a sense of being safe. Hope the drug high was worth it.

RAVE To Shoreline Community College for hosting the Shoreline Math Olympiad for the third year, and the organizations that sponsored the event. The entire staff was so considerate and accommodating as nearly 800 students and their parents swarmed the campus.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the person that hit my friend’s little dog and didn’t stop. Rave to the young woman who stopped and took me and my very upset friend and her badly injured dog back to our car so we could quickly get to the vet. Little dog had many broken bones and scrapes but is going to be OK. Thank you so very much!

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RAVE To the gentleman who took the time to get my attention and tell me my license tabs were expired. I had no idea and am very grateful to avoid a ticket for such a foolish thing.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the woman with the small child sitting next to us who wouldn’t stop talking at the “Odysseo” show, even when we politely asked her to stop. Are you this inconsiderate in movie theaters, too? Rave to the “Odysseo” staff who found us better seats during intermission so we could enjoy the rest of the show in peace.

RAVE To everyone who came to my assistance when I slipped on a muddy slope at Green Lake and fell and broke my ankle, including Russell, Wendy and Elaine, who saw me fall, called 911 and stayed with me until help arrived; the strong and professional firefighters who got me off the slope without falling themselves (it was very slippery); and the EMTs and medical professionals who were all quite good-natured about receiving a very muddy patient.

RANT To the person who weekly dumps garbage, even lumber and metal scraps, at our condos. If you can afford that new SUV, you can surely pay for your own garbage. I hope one of these mornings a police officer catches you and gives you a big fine.

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