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RANT To marijuana smokers who throw their butts on the ground. I was hiking with my dog and when we got home she was swaying and acting strangely. I thought she’d been poisoned and rushed her to the emergency vet ($88 charge). The vet said she’d seen the same situation recently in another dog and thought it was the effect of eating a marijuana butt; apparently the odor is attractive to dogs. Because it’s ingested into the stomach it takes an hour to take effect and wears off in 12-24 hours. My dog is OK, but I’d sure appreciate it if pot smokers would discard their butts in a responsible way.

RAVE To the gentleman sitting next to my family at the Cheesecake Factory who overheard my father-in-law complaining that the batteries of his hearing aids had died (especially as we were seeing “Spamalot” right after), and generously took the batteries out of his own hearing aids and handed them over! He said he had new ones waiting for him at home, but that was still a very nice thing to do for a stranger.

RANT To CenturyLink Field and other establishments who insist on checking ID’s of everyone purchasing an alcoholic beverage. I’m 60 years old and enjoy watching the Sounders with my beverage of choice. The policy to ID everyone adds to the excessively long lines, especially during halftime. Get a grip, I’m obviously way over 21 years old and probably old enough to be a parent to some of the servers. Asking for my ID does nothing at all to help reduce underage drinking.

RAVE To the tow-truck driver who yelled at me to park across the street instead when I was excited to find a parking spot downtown. He could have easily towed my car; his help saved me the impound fee.

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RANT To me, with my apologies to the man I upset by leaving my shopping cart in his way in the Fred Meyer parking lot. I was being lazy and thoughtless and should have gotten out of my car to apologize and return it to the cart storage.

RAVE To the person who found the squashed keys on the street, located my car by trying the alarm button and left the keys on my car’s windshield with a note. Thanks so much!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the four cars in the past three years that hit our parked car outside our house next to the Assumption School parking lot. Rave to the drivers who have left a note or knocked on our front door all four times explaining and/or apologizing for the mishap.

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