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RANT Fireworks are great on the 4th of July. M80’s set off in neighborhoods are never cool. Fireworks still going off in Magnolia in September are beyond ridiculous. What part of “fireworks are illegal in the city” do you not understand? Show some respect for your neighbors.

RAVE To the Metro driver who sang “The Wheels on the Bus” over the intercom to cheer up a screaming toddler. Your enthusiasm inspired every passenger on the bus to sing along and made a potentially eardrum-piercing trip into one of the most delightful and memorable rides I’ve had on Metro.

RANT To the people who attended a free outdoor movie and left a huge amount of trash. What a terrible example to give your children and how thoughtless to leave that cleanup to the volunteers who made this event happen. I’m a grandmother, had three chairs, two blankets and twin 3-year-olds, and still managed to haul out our garbage. What’s your excuse?

RAVE To the two Seattle Parks groundskeepers who saw me sweeping Louisa Boren Lookout; when I explained that my wedding was there the next day they graciously shooed me home so “I could do more important things.” They then took care to make the spot pretty and welcoming for our wedding. Their thoughtfulness added to our celebration. Thanks, guys!

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RANT To the person who keyed my car in a downtown-parking garage. Evidently I was parked too close to your enormous SUV and that bothered you so much that you felt moved to vandalize my car. I have insurance, and I’ll get my car fixed. I hope you have insurance to cover your anger-management classes.

RAVE To Jimmy, phlebotomist at Swedish Medical Center, whose cheerful bad puns made me laugh on a difficult day.

RANT To the couple eating next to us at a neighborhood restaurant who brought their dog. The woman took her glass of water and put it on the floor for the dog to drink out of, then put it back on the table. My 10-year-old grandson said, “That was gross” — I wonder how the health department would view this? I’m sure the waiter at this great restaurant had no idea what transpired.

RAVE To the Washington State Patrol, who, we were delighted to see, pulled over the driver who’d sped and swerved past us while texting on her cellphone. We only hope her speeding ticket included the texting violation, too.

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