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RANT To the dog owners who tie their upset, barking dogs outside a cafe then go inside while the poor dog’s plaintive barking ruins the peace for those trying to enjoy outdoor seating. Today at Peets, two different people left their yapping, scared dogs tied to a bike rack so they could enjoy a nice quiet coffee inside, while those seated outside suffered from the dogs’ incessant barking. At a recent stop at a PCC courtyard the store staff finally confronted the shopper who’d left his frantically yapping pet for a half-hour outside. Please, be considerate of others and your dog, and don’t leave your pet tied in a public place unless it is secure and quiet.

RAVE To dog owners for their understanding toward my young son who has asthma and is highly allergic to dogs. He loves dogs from afar and when we’re walking he gazes longingly at them, wishing he could pet and play with them. So many dog owners stop a respectful distance away and ask if he wants to pet their dog and show such grace and patience when we explain that he needs to say hello and talk to your dog from a distance.

RANT To people who stole items off tables at our yard sale, shame on you, especially the man with the young boy who claimed to be shopping for his wife. What did you teach that kid today? We would have given those items to you as we did for several others who asked for things.

RAVE To the young man in the “I speak Nerd” T-shirt riding the Rapid Ride who fixed my cellphone on my ride home, returned it with a big smile and proceeded to teach me how to troubleshoot it myself and get future solutions on the Web. He just moved here from Miami — glad he chose Seattle!

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RANT On practically a daily basis I witness visiting nurses, physicians and case managers entering local adult family homes acting as if the elderly clients they serve are little more than pieces of furniture. Get a clue, people — you more than anyone should understand that such behavior is a form of neglect and abuse. This isn’t your office; you’re a guest in their home.

RAVE To all the wonderful people who immediately surrounded me when I missed a step and fell downtown. One man gave me his napkins to stop the bleeding, a lady gave me her water bottle to wash the blood from my arm and hands and many others stopped to offer moral support until two police officers appeared and called the fire department emergency vehicle which brought two wonderful paramedics who appraised the wound, helped stop the bleeding and drove me home. Thank you, Seattle, for all of the wonderful, caring and helpful citizens.

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