Reuse your old T-shirts from concerts, sports teams and more for colorful, fun scarves.

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As the season warms up and the woolies get returned to storage, it’s a fine time to craft a scarf that will keep you cozy while not warming you up. It’s the T-shirt scarf, and it’s made in a snap from old, neglected T-shirts.

Who doesn’t have a cache of those scrunched in the back of a dresser drawer or high on a closet shelf?

Reclaim these outcasts by recycling them into T-shirt scarves.

Carol Schneider, a New York public-relations agent for a large book publisher, crafts scarves, children’s wear and purses in her spare time. She hit upon this nifty T-shirt scarf while cruising the Internet, and made it her own by using whimsical, color-loaded Ts.

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Samples of her “Reclaimed Tee Scarves” may be viewed at (listed under “recession specials” in her scarves product section).

Her scarves for adults measure at least 56 inches long. Since Schneider scavenges thrift stores for her T-shirts, no two scarves are alike.

You can make Schneider’s scarves on the cheap: Your own castoffs and the kids’ outgrown T-shirts will do, ensuring endless possibilities in color and pattern combinations.

Schneider suggests combining T-shirt swatches by theme: sports, food, music, the arts or cartoon characters.



• For children’s scarf (approximately 48 inches long): four used T-shirts of complementary colors, at least two with a fun design or logo

For adult’s scarf (approximately 56 inches long): four to five T-shirts, depending upon the desired scarf length. Since more of the scarf is visible on adults, it’s nice to use at least four scarves that have designs or logos.

• Scissors

• Thread in coordinating color

• Sewing machine

• Steam iron


1. Front of scarf: For children’s scarf, cut 7-inch-wide squares from four T-shirts to make a total length of 49 inches. For adult scarf, cut 8-inch-wide squares from four or five T-shirts to make a total length of 55 inches to 70 inches, depending upon desired length of finished scarf.

2. Back of scarf: For children’s and adult scarves, cut four or five solid-colored squares of the same width from the backs of the T-shirts to make a total length matching the front.

3. For the front, pin each set of squares together in desired order and sew them together, one by one, using a ¼-inch seam. Press. Do the same with the scarf’s back squares.

4. With right sides together, pin and sew two 3/8-inch seams along the scarf’s long sides, leaving the ends free. Turn right side out and press.

5. Trim ends to the same length, if necessary. Sew a zigzag stitch 1 ½ inches to 2 inches from the bottom of each end. Cut fringe up to stitching line (without cutting the stitches).

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