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RANT To the person(s) who stole the silver Tear Drop Trailer that belongs to a 73-year-old woman who’s worked two and three jobs her whole life and still works part-time to afford the gas and camping fees to take her children, friends, nieces and nephews on memorable trips throughout the Northwest. Everything in it has special meaning, the bear and forest etching on cupboard doors, the quilt her daughter made for her — you didn’t just steal a camper, you stole the joy of life from a hardworking, generous, self-reliant woman who’s worked hard and earned her little slice of heaven.

RAVE To Roger and Lois, two charming seniors from the Midwest visiting their grandson in Seattle, who fearlessly ventured out from Kirkland to explore Seattle via transit, took the wrong bus, arrived downtown 3 ½ hours later, then did the Duck Tour, Chihuly Museum and more. My co-worker and I had the pleasure of sitting next to the tired duo on their bus trip back and heard priceless stories of farm life over the last 50-plus years. They made our day!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the person who walked off with two custom silver rings from my booth next to the Seattle Great Wheel. It’s nice to know you appreciate the labor and skill that go into making my one-of-a-kind jewelry, too bad you don’t have the character to pay for what you like. I hope you become attached to my fine work and someone takes them from you to travel the world of bad karma. Rave to all the friendly visitors enjoying the waterfront and supporting the arts by making purchases from local artists to remember what a great time they had in Seattle.

RAVE To the young man who used a board to gently guide a family of ducks off the entrance to the 520 bridge, and to all the patient commuters who sat in traffic while he did it.

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RANT To the unfriendly neighbor who immediately took down the two fliers about my missing cat I put on our group mailbox stands. FYI, the Bothell Police Department refers people to the PAWS organization and they encourage people to put fliers around their neighborhood regarding their missing pets. You made a sad pet owner feel even worse. I hope you never lose a pet.

RAVE To the 911 Medic response team and to the ER and Cherry Hill Swedish staff, thank you for saving my life!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the cowardly vandals who “graffitied” Golden Gardens Bathhouse and rave to Seattle Parks Dept. for quickly restoring the beautiful brick wall to its original state.

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