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RAVE While visiting from Florida, my wife and I were taking the light rail to the airport when I realized I’d left one of our bags at the bus tunnel station. I got off at the next stop, knocked on the driver’s window and told him what happened. He got on the phone and found out that a transit employee had noticed I’d left my bag, tried unsuccessfully to catch me, then locked it up for safekeeping. The bag had my passport, iPad and quite a bit of money; I was in a panic over losing it and was so impressed with how courteous and helpful everyone at Sound Transit was to get it back to me.

RANT To the middle-aged couple who continued to kiss and nuzzle in front of me during the “Jersey Boys” performance. I had no option to look elsewhere while you continued with behavior that should have been continued at home or at least in the back row. Remember where you are, people!

RAVE For all the helpful people who kept an escaped dog from being run over on a busy street. At least 10 people tried to coax the dog with treats while others signaled the cars to slow down. Special thanks to the teen who stayed with the 80-year-old dog owners for a long time, calming the dog and helping to eventually bring it to safety.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the people who drive by the “Road Closed” signs into the construction on our street. Rave to the workers who are courteous to them, and rave to Eric from Smith Brothers who carries our delivery a block to the house.

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RAVE To the wonderful man who anonymously paid our dinner bill at a West Seattle restaurant. In light of the tragic news around the Boston Marathon bombing, it was a wonderful moment to talk with the kids about human kindness, and “paying it forward,” which we’ll certainly do.

RANT To our doctor, who’s now charging patients a $350 annual fee in addition to our co-pays and payments from insurance. Though my family’s been seeing this doctor many years, we’re going elsewhere, since greed is not a quality in the bedside manner we want.

RAVE To the people who take time to write in their Raves. Your sharing multiplies the blessings of the kind deeds given and received and inspires new ones.

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