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They look kind of like the 1969 house boy-band of hell, don’t they? In celebration of the “Mad Men” Season 7 premiere (tonight on AMC), this publicity shot nicely encapsulates the changes in men’s careerwear over a decade. “Mad Men” kicked off in 1960, when practically the only way you could differentiate between one man’s suit and the next was how the pocket handkerchief was folded. (Don Draper favors a straight-across fold; Bert Cooper an elaborate four-point arrangement. The fact that I’ve noticed this says everything about this show’s attention to detail. Or maybe something unfortunate about mine.)

Anyway, now it’s 1969, and look at the mishmash here: Harry’s got two prints fighting a duel to the death, Stan looks like he just rode in from the Wild West, Ken seems to be wearing one of his suits (and haircuts) from Season 1, and Ginsberg’s apparently an early adopter of thrift-store fashion. (I bet if you stare at his jacket too long, you can see animal figures). Just a few years ago, they would all have looked like Ken; now each of them is an outlier, sending a different message with his clothing (respectively: hipster, rugged individualist, conformist, creative). It’s going to be an interesting season, sartorially and otherwise.

Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts writer

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