Peep contest showcasing the best Seattle Times reader entries, inspired by Salvador Dali, the Olympics, "Mad Men," Shaun White, Seattle's Seafair, Leonardo da Vinci, the Iditarod and The Lusty Lady.

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For nearly a decade, Peeps have taken over the arts pages of The Seattle Times one day a year. Readers have flooded our annual Peeps contest with creative entries, casting everyone from Marilyn Monroe to President Obama in Peep form.

This year, The Times received nearly 400 entries and picked out Peep creations that ran the gamut from the Olympics to the Last Supper.

Seattleite Christina Kaylor has entered the contest for the past three years — first with a depiction of Donald Trump duking it out with Rosie O’Donnell, and then with a portrait of Sarah Palin. This year, Kaylor was inspired by the Olympics and even added special fire effects.

“The reaction I got from friends and family was ‘WOW!, you made that … out of a Peep?’ Just goes to show, anything is possible … and a good laugh makes it all worthwhile,” said Kaylor.

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Winning masterPeeps

“Salvador Peepli — Surrealistic Peeps” – Newcastle resident Mary E. Watson put Peeps under a rolling pin to re-create Salvador Dali’s 1954 painting “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.”

“OlymPeep Opening Ceremony — Let the games begin!” – Seattle resident Christina Kaylor didn’t use any Photoshop tricks for this creation. The flames are electric tea lights poking through black poster board and cellophane. The Olympic rings are made of rims from five Marie Callender turkey potpie tins. And the snowboard helmet is actually a craft pen cap from the drugstore.

“Mad Peeps of Sterling Coopeep” – Leschi resident Jeana Harrington recalls the popular TV show “Mad Men’s” most gruesome episode, complete with a secretary-styled Peep running over an aspiring executive Peep with a lawn mower.

“Shaun White on the Half Peep” – Seattleite Katie Dahlen dressed up a Peep a la snowboarder Shaun White, complete with flaming red hair and cheek-to-cheek smile.

“Seattle Seafair Peeps” – Seattleite Mallory Amsden re-created a scene from Seafair, down to Peep pirate peg legs and Peep pirate eye patches.

“PeepPeep Jonrowe at the Iditarod finish!” – Seattleites Marjorie Walter and Karen Newell pay homage to Alaskan musher (and breast-cancer survivor) DeeDee Jonrowe, showing her at the finish line.

“Da Vinpeep’s ‘The Last Suppeeper’ “ – Burien resident Catherine Winter sat Peeps down for a playful version of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

“First Peeps of Seattle Spring Blossoms” – Seattleite Jaime Navetta painted petals of spring flowers with Peeps.

More Peepmasters

View contest finalists — listed below — in our winners and finalists gallery, and then vote for your favorites (find poll at right). See all the entries here.


“Skagit Valley Peep Field,” Terrie Burdick, Seattle.

” Peepin’ Ain’t Easy,” Dorothy Maples & Angela Satcher, Seattle.

“@peeps,” Anna Yoshida De La Paz, Seattle.

“Live Peep Show @ The Lusty Lady,” Katie Waltner, Seattle.

“Heeeere’s … EASTER!” Kristi Sage, Bellingham.

“Olympic Curling Peep Sweep,” Rhona Jack, Seattle.

“Wyeth’s Lesser Known ‘Peep’s World,’ “ Claire Gajary, Redmond.

“I’m with Peepo,” Krista Fleming, Bellevue.

“Shaun White Wins Gold in Half Peep,” Lakeside sixth-graders, Seattle.

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