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RAVE To the antiques-store owner who made a 7-year-old girl’s day by “adjusting” the price of a pretty doll in a yellow dress so it would be just exactly how much my niece had in her pocket. There aren’t a lot of people who understand that memories like this are priceless.

RANT To our neighbors who turn on their air-conditioners as soon as the weather gets warm. Why not open your windows and get a good cross ventilation so those of us who like to open our windows don’t have to listen to the roar of the air-conditioners all night long.

RAVE To folks ’round 48th and Eddy: When needed you were more than ready, you brought energy, tools and smiles, and the wayward hedge was soon in piles. You packed it up and swept the walk, now on our block you’re all the talk. Thank you!

RANT To bicyclists on the Green River and Interurban trails who don’t say “passing on your left” or somehow indicate they’re coming up on a person.

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RAVE To the lady and her two middle school aged children at church in Kirkland who insisted on giving us their seats when I arrived with my two toddlers for Mass, to find standing-room only. This was my first time at this church and you made a good first impression, allowing my kids to make it through the service, embodying the kind traits I wish we saw more in society and setting a great example for all. Thank you.

RANT To selfish people who trash Golden Gardens leaving piles of trash on the beach, human waste in the shrubs and graffiti on every surface including trees. Can’t you see how special this park is? Pack it all out please!

RAVE To the kind man who gave us $5 for the day use fee at the trailhead for the Big Four Ice Caves. We’d made a long trip only to discover we had the wrong pass and not enough cash for the fee. Thank you, we had a lovely and enjoyable day.

RANT To the myriad drivers who don’t use their signals before changing lanes, or signal for a nanosecond. The drivers around you are not psychic; please use your turn signals properly.

RAVE After recently having knee replacement and back surgery I’m walking slower than normal and was so impressed with the kind helpfulness by all the Safeco Field staff helping us at a Mariners game. Thanks so much for making it a wonderful evening with my “new wheels.”

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