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In the spirit of the holidays, all raves. Look for the best rants & raves of 2012 next week.

RAVE To Santa, who gave this middle-aged grown-up a beatific smile and nod that made me feel 6 years old again while he was setting up his space in the mall. Thanks, Santa! I’m sure many other young and young-at-heart visitors will be gladdened by your presence.

RAVE For the young lady celebrating her 16th birthday handing out lovely bouquets of flowers to strangers at Pike Place Market. Thank you for making my heart glad. I’ll be making a charitable contribution in honor of your birthday.

RAVE To whoever owns/maintains the former Amazon headquarters for keeping the lights on that beautiful building at night and, this time of year, putting the star on top of the building.

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RAVE To crew and passengers on a flight from Washington, D.C., to Seattle who went out of their way to make it extremely special for a middle-aged woman on her first time ever flying; the pilot who came to thank her and give her a set of wings, the passenger who rented the in-flight entertainment system for her and the crew who made her feel welcome. For someone who has spent their entire life flying, it was a lot of fun to see what a wonderful experience they made for her.

RAVE To the person or persons at my church who left me flabbergasted with a generous anonymous gift to me in my hour of financial and spiritual crisis. My prayer for myself is “more faith, less fear,” and your kindness nudged me in the right direction on both counts. Thank you.

RAVE To the two strangers who waited with me for nearly an hour until the EMTs arrived after I fell while walking my dogs. My arm was broken but my faith in humanity restored.

RAVE To Everett Navy unit members visiting patients at Seattle Veteran’s Hospital. My 83-year-old Dad was awaiting surgery and the visit was such a boost to him and our family. Thank you for your service and your kindness!

RAVE To our readers, and to everyone who fills our inbox with an amazing variety of rants and raves. We appreciate them all and love sharing your stories of the good, the bad and the irritating in life every week.

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