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RAVE AND RANT Rave to the light-rail system from downtown to SeaTac Airport. It’s mechanically perfect; kudos to the technical designers and constructors of the system. On the other hand, neither my son who drove me downtown nor I could find any of the entrances to the trains, since we found no signs directing people to them. We asked four people before an entrance was finally indicated to us. I’m from Seattle, speak English and know the city well … how do people from out-of-town and/or who don’t speak English find them? After spending billions to construct such a nice system perhaps the powers-that-be would be willing to invest a few dollars more in signage. I’m sure this would be greatly appreciated by everyone who wants to use light-rail in Seattle.

To the AARP volunteers who donate their time to help prepare people’s federal income tax returns at local libraries.

RANT To whoever killed two beautiful giant octopi and left their bodies on the beach on Whidbey Island. Both beaks were cut out, presumably as trophies, and the rest left to rot on the beach. Why not just look at them in their natural habitat and leave them to live out their short lives?

RAVE For the two lovely young girls who struggled to get me to my car when my soon-to-be-surgically-repaired knee gave totally out outside the Des Moines public library. I can’t thank them enough!

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RANT To the lowlife who stole our new puppy’s doghouse from our backyard. You don’t deserve the love and devotion of a pet. I hope your dog refuses to sleep inside its ill-gotten home.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who can’t seem to find the time and effort to dispose of trash the proper way. A big rave to a pair of Girl Scouts and a mother who, during a slow period in cookie sales, went around the store parking lot to pick up the trash left by inconsiderate others.

RAVE To the many kind people of Seattle who open doors, hold elevators or offer general assistance to my mom who’s confined to a wheelchair every time we go out. There are a lot of thoughtful people and we really appreciate them.

RANT To parents who take children to a rock concert without ear protection. What are you thinking?

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