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RAVE To Eric, Hailey, Kaitlyn and Leslie, employees at my favorite bakery in Poulsbo, who came to my rescue when I was parked outside their shop, discovered I’d forgotten to turn off my headlights and my car was dead. They came to the rescue, assisted by assorted locals and tourists, brought a car around, got my car jumped and back on the road quickly so I didn’t miss my ferry. Poulsbo people rock!

RANT For the sullen, slow-motion store employee who became even more sullen after he was unable to answer a question about an item. Asked if he was having a bad day he replied, “It’s not very motivating for me to have someone tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.” An even bigger rant for the entire generation of counselors, educators and parents who systematically taught his generation that the world owes them unconditional enthusiasm and praise.

RAVE My husband and I were disappointed to find the Sunday performance of “Kaleidoscope” was sold out when we arrived at the theater. While we waited to see if there would be tickets unclaimed at “Will Call,” a woman picked up four tickets, said she needed only two and offered us her extras. I asked her how much we owed her and she just replied “Happy Mother’s Day.” What a wonderful example of generosity for her young daughter, so we wouldn’t miss out on seeing the exuberant dancing of the well-trained children of the “Kaleidoscope” company.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the Link light rail employee who found my camera I’d left there when they checked the train at the end of the line and turned it in. An additional rave to the Link light rail system that works so well. Rant to me for the ugly thoughts I had when I realized I’d left my camera on the Link; I was sure I’d never see it again. It was a good lesson for me to not be so quick to judge or condemn.

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RANT To whoever took my two beautiful hanging baskets off my front porch in the middle of the day. They were given to me by my sons to console me after learning my father has cancer and only a short time to live.

RAVE To the person who found my gold earring in Bellevue Square and turned it in to customer service. I’d given up ever finding it after twice retracing my steps. The pair was a gift from my father 40-some years ago and meant so much to me. You turned a sad experience into one of joy. Thank you.

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