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RAVE For Folklife’s organizers and thousands of volunteers for a wonderful event with so many talented, well-prepared performers in good surroundings. The quiet, watchful presence of the SPD was appreciated. Northwest Folkllife Festival is the best!

RANT To all the inconsiderate yahoos smoking pot at the Folklife Festival. Thanks to your overt defiance of the law, my girlfriend and I got headaches from contact highs we didn’t want, ruining the event for us and causing us to leave the festival. If you drink a beer, it doesn’t affect me, but if you smoke a joint, it does. Rant also to the festival organizers and Seattle Center for allowing this to occur, especially at an event with kids. Your signs about the illegality of smoking pot in public didn’t deter anyone. And where were the police, who are supposed to be enforcing the law?

RAVE To the Bellevue Police Department’s Community Academy, where I learned about a variety of fascinating topics including forensics and K-9 dogs and even got to shoot firearms at the police range, all free of charge. I appreciate the time that our officers and detectives took to show us how the police work, a great opportunity for citizens to broaden their perspectives.

RANT To whoever ripped up and walked off with the handmade trellis from our church’s veggie garden, damaging all of the pea plants. Because of you, our community food bank will not get peas this year. We pray you truly needed the trellis and have put it to good use.

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RAVE To the citizens of Seattle for their extreme generosity in VFW Post 3348’s Buddy Poppy event collecting funds for veterans in need, supporting Compass Housing Alliance Veterans Housing, USO, Wounded Warriors Project, Washington Soldiers Home, and many other worthy causes.

RANT To the guy at Green Lake Park letting his dog run off leash. I asked him if he were aware of the leash law, and he took great offense with various excuses, ending his ad hominems with calling me a bitter and angry person.

RAVE For the “angel” who appeared out of nowhere when I was pushing a gentleman in a scooter up a hill to his home. His scooter lost battery power, he couldn’t move it. It was heavy, and I needed help. She stopped and helped, and when we finally made it to his home, I saw her running up the street as I was walking home. It appeared she was late for something, yet she took her time to help this gentleman. I want to thank her again for her kindness.

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