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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the 1/13 “Book of Mormon” matinee audience who were more interested in the Seahawks game than the show. The curtain was held for 10 minutes while people continued to scream and wave their phones. The “turn your cellphones off” announcement was met with boos. There were many latecomers and people talked loudly during the show. I’ve waited years to see this show and paid several hundred dollars for my seats. If you are more interested in the football game than the show, sell your ticket — there were plenty of takers outside. Rave to the “Book of Mormon” cast, which put on a fantastic show despite the many distractions in the audience — and slipped a sly Seahawks reference in, too.

RAVE To the Lake Washington Rowing Club volunteers who worked incredibly hard over the past year to help restore the north Lake Union shoreline, removing invasive blackberry bushes and replanting the area. It’s a vast improvement, thanks so much!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the restaurant for towing our car when it was parked for twenty minutes in the midst of an emergency. We come to your establishment weekly and your manager swore at us as we tried to explain our urgent situation. Thanks to the kind tow truck driver who helped us to our destination. He made a frightening night much easier to deal with.

RAVE To all of my wonderful Mount Baker neighbors who stopped to help when my car died and blocked traffic. Instead of honking impatiently, almost everyone who approached got out of his/her car though it was a really cold day, and kindly offered to help. As I waited for AAA, I got to know so many neighbors, and felt so grateful to live amid such generous people. It was the only car breakdown in my life that made me feel warm and happy!

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the heartless person/people who broke into our house before Christmas, ripped apart Christmas presents, broke a bunch of things, stole things and left a huge, awful mess for us to clean up. Some of the things you stole likely ended up in a Dumpster; sadly, those monetarily worthless items were sentimental childhood gifts from my dear dad (deceased for many years) and mom, and a priceless source of fond memories. May a higher power help you to understand compassion, the meaning of Christmas, and to feel pain, so that you don’t do this again to someone else. A big rave to the 911 nonemergency operator who took my call, the police officer handling our case and our wonderful friends, relatives and neighbors for their help, compassion and support — we are thankful for all that is good in the world.

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