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RAVE to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who took time out of his hectic schedule to visit with sick kids at Seattle Children’s. My son didn’t enjoy his 12-day hospital stay but he’ll never forget meeting Wilson and will cherish the photos with him for years to come. Thank you, Russell. You must make your Mama proud.

RANT To the owner of the pickup truck and his passenger who went ballistic after an older woman slightly bumped his bumper while backing out of her parking spot at church after Christmas Eve service. If there was any damage at all, it was extremely minimal, yet the two of you acted like the truck had been totaled. Way to forget about the message of Christmas before the church pews were even cold.

RAVE In November my checking account was broken into. I thought the problem had been resolved, but while doing Christmas shopping, the store couldn’t accept my check because the bank had closed the account. I didn’t know what to do, then a man in line behind me said “I’ll take care of it.” I protested, but he insisted. Then another gentleman in line said “I’ll take care of half of it.” I protested more, but they both insisted, gave the clerk their credit cards to cover the amount and said “Merry Christmas.” Their generosity in a stressful time was greatly appreciated.

RANT To the very loud adults talking during Christmas Eve church services. After being asked to be silent one responded, “I didn’t think we were that loud.” Sir, you are always loud if you are talking when you shouldn’t be. Don’t come to Mass if you don’t know what it’s for.

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RAVE To the angels out there — USPS employees or some other guardian angels, perhaps — who replied to a letter my 6-year-old son mailed to Santa, with a bit of help from mom (me). Yes, it was a form letter, but nicely written and so touching. It made my son’s day, and mine, too, especially in light of recent tragedies and economic news. Thank you for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

RANT To the woman who felt it necessary to wear her holstered revolver in plain sight at a holiday-packed Bellevue mall. I’m sure you felt you looked hot in your tight, all black outfit with knee-high boots and the gun at your hip hauling your husband and toddler son around, but the rest of us thought you looked like an insensitive clod as the children and parents watched you in fear.

RAVE To Lily and her brother Gus, who gave this TSA officer a candy cane with a wish of “Have a sweet holiday!” as they made their way through the metal detector at Sea-Tac Airport with their parents. It melted my heart and will always be remembered.

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