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RAVE AND RANT Rave to people fighting the good fight to bring pro basketball back to Seattle. Rant to the owners who gave our Sonics to Oklahoma, the worst decision in Seattle sports history, and to people trying to prevent Seattle from having a basketball team again.

RAVE To all of you who made the experience of getting a marriage license for my lesbian partner and I such a wonderful experience. The men behind the desk at the King County Courthouse were very helpful, and in a good way made it seem both special and no big deal at the same time. Then a very kind straight couple who were also obtaining a license offered to take our photo and congratulated us on our pending legal wedding. I’m still feeling the glow from these warm encounters. Lovely to live in Seattle!

RANT To the jerk who decided the parking stalls were too small and keyed my dad’s car at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I parked the car, went in with my dad for his chemotherapy and came back to a huge key mark all the way down the driver’s door. People who are at the SCCA are sick, they have cancer, why do you have to do something so mean? My dad is such a positive man, he said someone probably got bad news and took it out on us. How sad that you have to be so cruel.

RAVE To the woman who stopped me at a downtown pharmacy to tell me my skirt was tucked into my jacket. I would have died from embarrassment if I’d returned to work like that, and the heads-up is much appreciated! It’s nice when people risk awkwardness to save others from embarrassment.

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RANT To the bozo who got on the bus in full Darth Vader helmet and costume including a very realistic-looking holstered gun. A double rant to the bus driver who let the guy on and didn’t as much as question him, even after I pointed out the gun. Had the gun been real, instead of a Comicon prop, I shudder to think of what could’ve happened on my commute into downtown.

RAVE To the Yellow Cab driver who turned my wallet in to the dispatcher, who went to the Seattle Public Library and showed them my card so they could look me up and call me. You all gave me proof that the world is made up of mostly good people and that it pays to support your local public library.

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