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RAVE For every person from every country who on D-Day 70 years ago began the eventual victory that freed France and the rest of Europe from fascists and Nazis. The cost was high, the commitment and cooperation between countries even higher. Could we do that today? My Dad would never talk about the wartime carnage (seven days after Pearl Harbor, he was there) to us kids; we only learned about it many years later. Thank you to “The Greatest Generation.”

RANT To the parent at the ice-cream store who, when alerted that her old-enough-to-know-better boy was grabbing the waffle cones on the counter display, shrugged and said, “He thinks he can have them.” She didn’t stop him or offer to pay for the ruined cones. If they were used, people eating out of them later have a right to not be ingesting whatever your son’s been touching all day.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the Costco carwash attendant who jumped into action when my roof rack got dislodged by one of the brushes, stopping the mechanism to gently remove the rack and store it until I could pick it up. He even offered to drop it off at my home. Rant to me for not having the foresight to prevent the incident. It was my first day driving the car, and I have no experience with roof racks. Apologies to the other drivers whose trip to the carwash was delayed!

RAVE To Ann and Rey at Virginia Mason, who came to the aid of my 85-year-old, hard-of-hearing, ESL mother who was confused and overwhelmed when security at V-M pointed out that her car had a flat tire. They stayed with her while a tow truck and appointments were sorted, called her family, got her a cab, gave her a voucher, and called to make sure she got home safely, treating a vulnerable stranger the way anyone would want their mother treated. Ann and Rey, you rock!

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who loudly play talk radio or music in their yards. Your neighbors don’t want to hear your radio show, news or classic rock! Rave to the folks who wear head phones, thanks for being considerate.

RAVE To whomever turned in my camera to the North Bend Ranger Station. It must’ve fallen off my pack as I was walking back to the car after a wonderful hike. I didn’t know it was gone until I got home. When I finally thought to call the ranger station a couple days later I was so excited to find that someone had taken the time to go out of their way to turn it in. There are some wonderful people who deserve a big thanks!

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