Seattle Times readers this week are thankful for the King County Sheriff's Office rescue in the woods and call out name-callers at a Mariners game.

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Rave To the King County Sheriff’s Office, my heroes! I locked my keys in my car … while the car was running … in the middle of the woods while gathering firewood. A passer-by told me a bear was sighted 1/4 mile down the road. My roadside assistance provider said they couldn’t help because I was on a dirt road. I called the Sheriff’s Office, they arrived quickly, got my door open and were very sympathetic and kind given the absurdity of the situation.

Rant To the idiot at the Mariners game who called me an Amazon because I’m a 6-foot-tall woman. I can’t help my height, what’s your excuse for rudeness?

Rave To Chihuly Garden and Glass staff who made the exhibit so enjoyable for two senior citizens. I use a walker, and two kind, helpful employees accompanied my husband and me so we could experience the beauty of this show with ease and comfort. Thank you!

Rant To the woman who put her small dogs atop a bystander’s (our) car while unleashing a profanity-laced tirade against another dog owner. (Our 16-year-old was at the wheel, too stunned to confront you.) Perhaps you were too angry to notice your dogs scratched the hood of our vehicle, causing $500 damage.

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Rave To the police officer who was so understanding when I had a terrible, humiliating panic attack when he pulled me over for a minor traffic violation. I have Asperger’s syndrome and he recognized my behavior from his volunteer experiences. I will never forget his kindness and compassion.

Rant To my landlord who’s always popping in to our rental house, even sending workers with no notification. I’ve politely asked for our rights (48-hour written notice) to be respected and was accused of being non-appreciative. Don’t want to move but sure will if this lack of consideration continues.

Rave To the young couple at the Beach Cafe who anonymously paid for our dinner to honor my 87-year-old grandfather who was wearing his World War II Veteran’s hat.

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