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RAVE To the crew at Red Robin that responded quickly and calmly to help a staff member who suddenly collapsed while my wife and I were having a quiet lunch. They kept her comfortable, called emergency and continued to operate the restaurant. Special kudos to the bartender who vaulted over the bar to reach her first, and to the manager, who had obviously trained her employees well.

RANT To the numerous drivers who ignored the ferry captain’s repeated request to return to your cars immediately to allow an ambulance with a critical patient to offload quickly, causing the ferry staff to delay the ambulance, maneuvering it between the unattended cars. I hope someday your critical medical needs will not be delayed by drivers who neglect to assist someone in need.

RAVE To a very kind person who paid for my breakfast, when I was by myself at a restaurant because it’s a place my husband and I went to frequently. The person who treated me had no way of knowing that this was the first time I’d been there since my husband passed away recently.

RANT To the two dog walkers at the off-leash park whose extended shouting match and exchange of threats and f-bombs was very upsetting to the rest of us who were there to enjoy some relaxation — especially those who brought their kids along. We don’t let the dogs fight. Please learn how to behave as well as they do.

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RAVE To the Seattle Police officer who was first on the scene at a car accident. Thank you for being professional, kind, patient and helpful.

RANT To all the people who illegally park in the permit-only beach parking lot at Discovery Park. We waited 20 minutes at the visitor center for a parking permit, drove down the well-signed “authorized vehicles only” road, only to find no parking spots. There are eight spots and eight permits, so if one has a permit, there should be a place to park. Not only were all the spots full, there were eight or nine cars parked in no-parking areas. The parks department should start ticketing cars parked illegally there; it could quickly add up to a decent amount of money.

RAVE To all the theater patrons at ACT who pitched in to help me gather beads that scattered on the black carpet when my black ceramic necklace broke. Thanks!

RANT It amazes me how many cars are not using headlights in daylight fog. When we have dense fog here in daylight hours they’re sorely needed. Please people, do yourselves and drivers around you a favor and turn your lights on!

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