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RAVE To all the Seattle folks who turned off their electronic devices, went outside, and enjoyed face-to-face conversations with neighbors at Night Out events on Aug. 6. It was great to see so many streets blocked off with people enjoying food and drink, scooters, games and each other.

RANT To my neighbors who put up a sign on their lawn “No Trespassing — violators will be shot.” Is this neighborly? What a way to welcome visitors into our neighborhood! It would be so much nicer to see a sign that says “Have a great day” or maybe “Peace.”

RAVE It’s a great day when a fellow citizen finds an envelope with $200, driver’s license and debit card at the PCC parking lot and drives several miles to the US Bank to see that I receive my items, then that my bank is willing to stay open past business hours so I can retrieve them. Thank you fellow citizen and bank employees for your generous kindness. I’m dancing a jig of joy!

RANT To people, like those at a recent Indigo Girls concert, who think it’s OK to talk nonstop through ZooTunes concerts. I don’t understand why you spend good money to sit and talk to your friends, never looking at or listening to the performers; most of us go there to hear the music, not your yammering. If you must have a conversation, please go to the beer garden or away from the audience area.

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RAVE To the good folks of Enumclaw who quickly came to our rescue when our horse fell inside his trailer and couldn’t get up. It was life-threatening for him and within minutes there were six people who knew what to do helping to get him free. It would have been impossible for us to move our 1,100-lb. horse out of the trailer on our own. Thanks to their quick and effective efforts, he was soon up with only minor injuries.

RANT To all the men and boys who don’t remove their hats and put their hands over their hearts during the singing of the national anthem at the Mariners baseball games. Shame on you, you obviously don’t know how much was sacrificed to allow you the chance to stand there.

RAVE To the fantastic, caring team at the Issaquah Costco. When our 3-year-old grandson suddenly felt sick and threw up, three staff members, including a wonderful supervisor named Dick, immediately came to help, first expressing concern for our little guy, quickly cleaning up the area, and even bringing us a new set of clean clothes for him, compliments of Costco.

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