Seattle Times readers share Rants & Raves about strangers who are unkind to an autistic boy and the U.S. Post Office.

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Rant and Rave To people who are so ungracious toward my 8-year old autistic son. I’m exhausted by dirty looks I get in public when people assume he’s being naughty, even when I explain his condition. I wish people weren’t so judgmental. Kids come in all kinds and you never know what someone else is dealing with. Rave to all of the kind people who treat him lovingly. He really is a sweet, fun kiddo.

Rave To the very kind gentleman on crutches who helped me as I struggled to get my husband out of the wheelchair and into our car at Stevens/Swedish ER late on a cold night. Your extraordinary help and kind words were much appreciated.

Rant and Rave Rant to the self-described “professional” director who suddenly resigned a week before the opening of the high-school play. Your complete lack of professionalism and big ego show your true colors. Rave to the amazing students for showing dignity and maturity in moving forward and putting on a stellar show.

Rave To the United Way volunteer who did my taxes for me at the library. I’m 74 years old and have never done my taxes; my husband always did them. I was so relieved and thankful for the help.

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Rant To the neighbor with three dogs that bark day and night in our once quiet rural neighborhood.

Rave To the wonderful man who pulled up behind me when my car lost power and kept his SUV there with lights flashing so I wouldn’t be hit when I was stopped with no lights, blocking a lane. He stayed for an hour until help arrived. I’m sure he saved my car, and possibly my life.

Rant To the neighbor who has had a Porta-Potty in front of his house for two years.

Rave To the U.S. Post Office for delivering a package I meant for UPS and inadvertently deposited into a U.S. mailbox. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the package had been delivered anyway, not via UPS because I tracked it. Thank you so much U.S. Post Office!

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