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RAVE To all of the jazz musicians who have helped to make my life full of joy, beginning with Coleman Hawkins’ “Body and Soul” when I was a teenager. I am 90 years old now and still LOVE jazz! It fills my soul.

RANT To me, with apologies to the pedestrian in the crosswalk who had to run out of my way to avoid me almost hitting you. I’m thankful it wasn’t worse and reminded to not be in a rush, look both ways and when I’m walking and riding my bike to always be defensive for drivers like me who can be momentarily distracted.

RAVE To the TEALS (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools) volunteers at my high school who were so encouraging and polite. They definitely represented the world of computer science well and sparked interest in dozens of my peers. Without them, many of these kids wouldn’t have opportunities to advance their interests in computer science.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the speeding bike rider leading a group of teens who almost collided with us and our severely autistic son and then shouted abuse when we told him to slow down. Be a better role model! I fear walking the Burke-Gilman Trail because of aggressive bikers like you. Obey the laws and be aware that there are many people with handicaps who share the trail. Rave to all my fellow bikers who slow for walkers and follow the rules; we love you.

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to the guys who witnessed the car that knocked over my motorcycle, got the license-plate number, filed a police report, helped me pick my bike up, offered to take me home and gave me their names and numbers as witnesses to this hit-and-run. Rant to the jerk who hit my motorcycle and then was stupid enough to drive away after being witnessed by above-mentioned nice guys.

RANT To Alaska Airlines for allowing passengers to check their carry-on bags at the gate for free and get preferred boarding on the flight, while I paid $20 per checked bag at the ticket counter. And rant to passengers stuffing the overhead bin with huge bags that should really be checked

RAVE To the stadium worker who was so sweet and helpful when I hurt my knee at the U.S. men’s soccer game. We asked him how best to get back to the parking garage, he gave us a couple of options. As we were walking away, he saw that I was limping and asked if I was hurt, then had us follow him on a shortcut through some unmarked doors that popped us right into the garage.

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