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RAVE To the Mariners Marketing folks, who arranged a fantastic “Welcome Home from Iraq” ceremony for our son at a recent game. It was set up perfectly, with him running onto the field to his unsuspecting family with the entire 40,000 in attendance cheering for him, a sight his kids will never forget. Thanks for a super welcome home.

RAVE To my 7-year-old grandson who noticed a fire in the empty lot next door threatening our neighbor’s home (their fence burned down) and ran home to tell his mom and me, to the Seattle Fire Department who arrived in four minutes and doused the fire, and to the firefighter who told my grandson he was a hero: That rocked his world!

RANT To people who’ve stolen the permanent vase from my daughter’s grave twice in the last six months. Shame on you thieves!

RAVE To the volunteers who came with great spirit and provided athletes with free, BPA-free, made-in-America plastic water bottles for the Special Olympics team I coach, many thanks.

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RANT To the person that stole my phone from the restroom of my office building. You won’t be able to use it because it’s been tagged as stolen. I can replace the phone but I can’t replace the precious videos and pictures of my daughter. I hope karma comes back to bite you

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the kind and caring lady who jumped from her SUV to help an older lady who’d stumbled and fallen on broken pavement in a parking lot, helping save her from vehicles coming into the lot around her. Rant for the two young men who watched and smirked.

RANT To bicyclists riding on Leary Way during rush-hour traffic. The Burke-Gilman trail is one block away; is it too much to ask that you ride there in a safer environment and not endanger yourself or the motorists who try to avoid you?

RAVE For the Renton Parks and Recreation Department whose workers keep the Coulon and Cedar River parks so beautiful.

RANT Thanks Seattle, Bothell and Lynnwood for setting the traffic lights so 45 cars sit at a light while one car enters the road. Did the oil companies program them?

RAVE To Overlake Hospital and the Pacific Regent skilled-nursing facility who cared for my dad during the last six weeks of his life before he died of pancreatic cancer. Staffs at both places cared for him as though he were their own family, shining light on a dark, difficult time. There is much good in this world.

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