Seattle Times readers rave about the Seattle Parks Department and rant about rude theatergoers.

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Rant For the woman at Fred Meyer who made the comment “I didn’t know Fred Meyer hired gangsters,” referring to two of our employees who are black, both with tattoos, and that’s how you come to the conclusion that they’re gangsters? I assume you’ve never had the opportunity to talk to these young men who are dependable, never complain and are two of our best employees. Did you ever think for a minute how they felt when they heard your idiotic comment? Maybe if you talked to them you’d realize how great they are and why we’ve had many complimentary comments about them from our customers. … shame on you!

Rave To the Seattle Parks Department for the letter affixed to the tree stump at Green Lake explaining their efforts to save the tree and why it had to be removed, soothing the tree’s many fans.

Rant To the taggers purposely defacing and ruining the beautiful facades, signs, walls and buildings of our fair city. Don’t they know an incredible amount of our tax money is spent on city employees cleaning the same tagged spots time after time, money that could be spent better.

Rave For the University of Washington Medical School six-week lecture series and the many speakers who provided a wonderful, entertaining and frequently uplifting look at the wonderful world of medicine.

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Rave and Rant Rave to salespeople who acknowledge me, ask if I need help, then keep their distance. Rant to those who don’t take the hint when I respond with polite distance. Please don’t ask me how my day is going, where I work or what I do. I mind my own business, please give me some space.

Rave For the Washington State Ferries for their care, respect and kindness when our family spread the ashes of my sister-in-law from the deck of the Wenatchee.

Rant To the woman at “Mamma Mia!” who received and sent text messages throughout the entire performance. If you can’t bear to turn off your phone, please stay home.

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