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RAVE To the Seattle Police Department for an outstanding job controlling traffic at a recent overly successful, two-hour wait, gun buyback event. With all those people and all those guns, it could have been nasty without SPD’s patient management.

RANT For the dad with the opposing team at my son’s playoff soccer game, a poor loser who continually complained to the referee and confronted our coaches after the game. He didn’t like our kids’ celebration after going up 3-0; these are kids and they were having fun — chill out.

RAVE To Rachel, the very kind woman who offered a hug, coffee and the use of her warm house and phone after my car skidded on black ice off the road and into a ravine. She even called the city to come sand the road (and rave to the city of Bellevue for coming so promptly to sand!) Thanks to her, I was able to handle a potentially very upsetting situation with a smile on my face.

RANT To the person who left a note on our windshield accusing my wife and I of not being worthy of our handicap placard. I would love to be able to take an hour of this person’s time to explain my wife’s traumatic brain injury, her chronic pain, her medication history and her five surgeries in six years. Just because you don’t come out of a car in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you’re not disabled.

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RAVE To the gentleman whose car nearly collided with my bike while making a left turn, who calmly and patiently explained to me that he did check his side-view mirror before initiating his turn but was unable to see me in the dark since I’d neglected to turn on my headlight. My humble apology for my initial heated reaction to our near miss.

RANT To the mother who allowed her son to bully other children on Woodland Park Zoo’s playground. He verbally and physically prevented other children from playing on the rope spider-web, and she did nothing. When I confronted her son, he persisted with his behavior and was disrespectful. She sat by playing on her smartphone. Your son is a bully and you should put down your phone.

RAVE For the generous woman who purchased 26 gift certificates at Easy Street Records in West Seattle to be randomly passed out to customers.

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