Lots of big hair and big fun at the "Hairspray" movie premiere at the 5th Avenue Theatre Monday night, but the highlight had to be the spread...

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Lots of big hair and big fun at the “Hairspray” movie premiere at the 5th Avenue Theatre Monday night, but the highlight had to be the spread hidden downstairs in the Producer’s Club Lounge. Most parties serve fancy food — you know, the kind that’s hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. Which is why I tend to not-eat and run at most of these affairs. My palate is, shall we say, woefully unsophisticated. I should also confess now that I don’t drink coffee; perhaps I should be run out of town.

However: “Hairspray” served up mac-and-cheese, miniburgers, chicken fingers and cotton candy. The perfect meal! “They had waffles and fried chicken at the ‘Hairspray’ opening on Broadway,” someone informed me. It’s all so Britney Spears’ wedding No. 2, I can hardly stand it. Dig in, ya’ll!

I blame the fumes. Have not inhaled that much hairspray since 1992. Some drag queens with towering pink hair won the Big Hair contest before the show. The crowd booed. They wanted the cute, chubby girl with the flip-do. “It should be me!” she squeaked into the mic. The announcer was flustered. It was that kind of a night. Good morning, Baltimore! …

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WHILE YOU WERE SWELTERING in the July heat, glassybaby was summering in the Hamptons. (Is it too East Coast to use “summer” as a verb? Anyway.) Next time you’re in East Hampton — because we go there all the time — look for Seattle-homegrown glassybaby on tables at some of the swankiest spots in town, such as Nick & Toni’s. The colorful candle cups also made a cameo in Hamptons magazine, making them almost as famous as Christie Brinkley, only slightly less scandalous. …

BEEN TO THE KWIK-E-MART on Fourth and Denny? In 10 days, it goes back to being a regular old 7-Eleven. Phew, that was a lot of numbers. And the guy behind the counter is probably counting. The kitschy “Simpsons”-themed store has been packed with memorabilia-seeking fans since it debuted July 1, part of a nationwide promotion for “The Simpsons Movie.”

“We never thought it would be like this, to be honest,” said the clerk, who likes to punctuate his sentences with, “Next question.” OK then, how about some sales figures? He estimates about 2,000 boxes of KrustyOs cereal, 500 cases of Buzz Cola, and maybe 500 pink-frosted doughnuts.

But the most sought-after item at this Kwik-E-Mart isn’t for sale. “People ask for Duff Beer. We get an extremely lot of requests for Duff Beer.” …

OVERHEARD AT THE Woodland Park Zoo‘s annual Jungle Party fundraiser:

“I met a miniature horse named Samantha.”

Reply: “Was it a horse, or was it someone who looks like a horse?”

Meow! Then again, what better place to be catty than the zoo? The outdoor party and auction raised $1.9 million — $300,000 more than last year — for wildlife conservation and other animal-related things. No, I’m not an animal person; why do you ask?

Also spotted: a pair of leopard-print Roberto Cavalli pants. Ha! Worst pun in the history of the universe. …

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS ROUNDUP: Chris Isaak chasing a Maltese named Rodney through the lobby of Hotel Monaco … Ichiro dining at Cafe Juanita shortly after signing his five-year contract extension with the Mariners … SNL’s Andy Samberg sitting third row at Safeco Field as the Mariners took on the Baltimore Orioles … Actors Joe Pantoliano, Hector Elizondo, Tim Daly and Joe Mantegna on an instructional photo tour with renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe at Mount Rainier … Former “Apprentice” winner Kendra Todd shooting episodes of “My House Is Worth What?” for HGTV … Hula Jesus on the dashboard of a gray Volvo at 65th and Roosevelt. What? Jesus is famous.

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