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RANT To the guy at the grocery store who put his nose on a piece of fruit to make his buying decision. Really, in the midst of flu season? It was a great reminder to thoroughly wash all fruit before using it.

RAVE To Dr. McDreamy for purchasing Tully’s and to the bankruptcy judge who upheld the sale. Hooray!

RANT AND RAVE Rant for Metro, who push the PR for the RapidRide C line between West Seattle and downtown. I see riders get left at stops almost every day as too-full buses pass them. Rave to C-line drivers who are tirelessly polite to grumpy riders while doing their best to get everyone where they’re going.

RAVE To Challenger Elementary School for the respect and kindness shown daily to the special-education students by the student buddies assigned to help them.

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RANT To my off-site landlord who doesn’t do regular preventive maintenance and complains when I call to report leaks, mold, etc. If you’d listen to the handyman recommending preventive work, you wouldn’t end up with crisis repairs. Quit being so cheap!

RAVE To the person who picked up my on-the-loose dog and dropped him off at the local vet. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but you can’t teach a husband that if you leave the gate open, the dog will get out.

RANT To the driver of the pickup on the highway overloaded with an unsecured load. One of the items that flew off hit us head-on. Fortunately, no one was injured but we did have extensive repairs to our car.

RAVE To the bald eagle that perches atop the light poles on the 520 bridge, a constant reminder that we’re in a pretty cool place to live.

RANT To the potheads driving in front of me with the stench emanating from their vehicle. The new marijuana law does NOT permit you to smoke weed while driving. Get a clue!

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