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RAVE AND RANT Rave to everyone who came to honor Nelson Mandela at Seattle Center in the frigid cold Dec. 7, and to the organizers for putting on such a beautiful event with a huge fire to keep us warm. Rant to the guy who loudly disrupted the vigil and drowned out the speakers with profanity. He was eventually escorted out by Seattle Center security, but was there long enough to cause a significant disturbance.

RAVE While having lunch with friends, an older gentleman came to our table as he and his wife were leaving and said, “Do you know the raves and rants in the Sunday paper? I’d like to rave about your friend who got my wife a chair!” It was so nice of him to stop and thank her, and our rave is for him, a World War II vet who told us he’s been married to his sweetheart for 64 years. They brightened our day by sharing their rave and wishing us all a merry Christmas!

RANT To the drunk guy at Jazz Alley who got increasingly louder as the show progressed and would not quiet down, even when politely asked to. We were there to to enjoy and hear the artists on stage, NOT you! Stay at home next time, or go outside and blab. Most of us want to enjoy the show and get our money’s worth.

RAVE To the extraordinary generosity, Christmas spirit and trust of the grocery-store employee who paid for my groceries with her own money when I realized I’d forgotten my purse, then told me to pay her back next time I came to the store.

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RANT To me, for letting a nimrod get the better of me on the freeway, causing me to go off in a bit of road rage. I know better; I have a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and if I’d been caught I could have lost my license and my livelihood. I’m angry with myself.

RAVE To the movie-theater staff and Lynnwood Police Department for taking action when a group of young women talked, texted and kicked seats and were hostile to everyone, including theater management. The police arrived and escorted the worst offender out, and her friends soon followed. The grateful remaining audience resumed the movie in peace.

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