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RAVE To the concerned stranger who found me in a desperate state of confusion in the men’s room during the intermission of the Earshot Jazz concert at SAM, quickly discerned that I was having a stroke and decisively took charge. More raves to the Earshot Jazz volunteers and museum security staff who quickly rallied around his call for help and coordinated EMT access to my location, and special thanks to the lady from Earshot who reached out to support my wife. Without you, without the quick action, it would have been much, much worse. Seattle has many treasures, but Samaritans like you are the greatest!

RANT To whoever stole our car in front of a nursing facility, while my family was visiting my brother who’s dying of brain cancer. I’m working on forgiveness, as even insensitive clod(s) sometimes need it.

RAVE To the four Roosevelt track team teens who gave a homeless man sitting in the rain a doughnut. It probably made his day! It made my day seeing their generosity.

RANT I know one should pull to the side of the road for a fender bender, but my accident had just happened with car parts on the road and the other driver and I in shock, assessing what had just happened. You’d think someone might have said “Are you OK?” or “Do you need help?” But no, drivers went by screaming “Move your cars” and “Get out of the road!” Did they think we just decided to have a picnic in the middle of the road?

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to drivers without passengers who think they’re somehow special enough by themselves to drive in the HOV lane. Perhaps their oversized egos let them kid themselves that laws don’t apply to them and that they’re getting one up on law-abiding drivers. Rave to drivers who obey the law and, by the way, where is the State Patrol to enforce this?

RANT To the moron who rammed their shopping cart into the head of the Costco sample lady after she fell and couldn’t get away fast enough. You might like to know she had to be taken to the hospital and have several stitches in her head because of you!

RAVE We were burglarized and all the sheriff’s office staff have been so professional and courteous investigating our case. We really appreciate how they’ve helped us feel as secure as possible and have been much more proactive about pursuing the burglar than we’d expected.

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