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RANT To the grinch who took the beloved terrarium that graced the information desk in the lobby at Harborview Hospital, a unique attraction that provided smiles to patients and their families for several years and is sorely missed. Hopefully guilt will urge you to return it — no questions asked.

RAVE To the ambitious, health-conscious bicycle riders who brave the wet, gloomy fall weather and busy city streets to save the rest of us from carbon emissions. Double rave to bikers who remember how hard our drab Seattle colors are to see, and wear bright jackets and bright lights on your bikes. I appreciate being able to see you!

RANT To all “you guys” who use the phrase “you guys” in professional interactions. Please obtain a command of the English language and save “you guys” for friends and family. The rest of us are not “you guys.” If you want to be treated as a professional, communicate like one.

RAVE To the Seattle Police officer and insurance agent who handled the paperwork regarding my stolen car. Their professionalism, kindness and concern turned my lemon of a day to lemonade!

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To the irresponsible dog owners who allowed their little dog to get loose and run into the middle of a high-school cross-country race in progress. The leash law applies to everyone, and your careless behavior put my son, many other athletes and your dog at risk.

RAVE To the alert bus rider who noticed I got off without my prized tennis rackets, grabbed them and jumped off the bus to return them. He caught up with me as the bus pulled away, so he had to walk the rest of his way. I’m grateful for his thoughtfulness — I was on my way to play tennis.

RANT To the man who was so infuriated by the car who changed lanes in front of him that he got out of his truck, stormed up to the car, pounded on the driver’s window and kicked the car’s door. If a cop had been around, you could have been arrested for assault.

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