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RANT On behalf of my two dogs: the Fourth of July is celebrated on the Fourth of July, not for days before and after. I’m a patriotic person but my dogs don’t understand what all the booms and bangs are about with fireworks going off every night. How would you like to feel terrified for days on end? Sure, I can give them medication when I know it’s necessary, like on the Fourth. And by the way, fireworks are illegal in the city of Seattle.

RAVE To the Mariners for their first fireworks display after the June 28 game. It was fantastic! And to the Husky basketball Alumni and Legends game;

it was a wonderful afternoon for basketball fans.

RANT To the people who showed up at a Saturday-night performance at the Paramount in flip-flops and shorts. Really — backyard wear for a downtown performance?

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RAVE To the couple who aided a young man when his dog collapsed on the side of the road on a very hot day. They gave both the dog and his owner water and a ride home.

RANT To the woman who brought her young son to the park “armed” with loaded cap guns and rolls of caps to pop with rocks to share with kids at the park. I think her heart was in the right place, but it would have been nice if she’d checked with the other parents first. Not everyone approves of playing with guns or explosives.

RAVE To the volunteer who helped my handicapped grandfather get around during my brother’s business-school graduation. She’s not affiliated with the university and has been volunteering at the commencement since 1991.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to discourteous dog owners who allow dogs to bark incessantly in public places, including dog parks, and to the city for allowing a dog park in proximity to residences. Would you tolerate continuous barking around your home? Rave to well-behaved dogs and their courteous owners.

RAVE To to the crews responsible for getting the Skagit River temporary bridge crossing up and running so quickly.

RANT to the father with his young son who reached over to catch a ball heading straight to my son during a Mariners hitting practice. Great sportsmanship to show your son.

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