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RAVE To the burly driver who used his immense truck to block traffic on Green Lake Way so mama duck and her seven new ducklings could cross the street safely, then carefully lifted each tiny duckling over the otherwise insurmountable curb so it could continue on to the lake.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Seattle Opera patrons who rush out of the theater after curtain and can’t take 10 more minutes to applaud the artists; rave to the fabulous singers and orchestra of Wagner’s “Ring” cycle — your standing ovations are well-deserved!

RAVE To clerks at different stores who went the extra mile when I was shopping with my arm in a sling. I asked both of them to carry my purchases to the edge of the parking lot, as much as I thought I could reasonably ask. The clerk at the grocery store volunteered to carry my groceries to the bus stop a block away; at the charity resale store where I bought a bar stool, the clerk carried it to my front door two-and-a-half blocks away.

RANT To the person who dumped two unneutered small male dogs in a field. If you’re unable to care for your animals, at least have the decency to take them to a non-kill animal shelter where they can be fed, cared for and eventually placed in a loving home.

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to Woodland Park Zoo parking enforcement who pointed to an unofficial stall for me to park in since all the handicap and regular stalls were taken. This spot did not block any parking lot traffic or other vehicles. A rant to the man pointing at me “tsk-ing” and shaking his head “no” at me while I was parking my car in that spot with my handicap credentials showing.

RANT To the extremely rude driver who passed me while holding up a scribbled “F— Obamacare” sign and flipping me off, presumably in response to my “I Love Obamacare” bumper sticker.

RAVE To the Seattle Metro bus driver who saw in his side mirror that an elderly gentleman had fallen on the sidewalk after getting off the bus and took the time to hop off his bus to run back to help him.

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