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RAVE To the Auburn Police Department for providing a lights-flashing police escort for the Auburn Mountainview High School seniors on their way to graduation. The motorcade of cars and motorcycles flanking the parade of honking buses bristling with arms thrust through windows, cheerfully waving caps announcing the achievement, was a moment of civic togetherness and celebration joyous to behold. Well done.

RANT To the person (s) who stole my son’s car right in front of his house. On his birthday.

RAVE For the gentlemen playing a tuba, saxophone and percussion in an informal concert in Hamlin Park. My boyfriend and I were walking our dogs and sincerely thank you for making our weeknight date even more wonderful!

RANT To the group of young people on the ferry mocking and laughing at the concession employee. Her job is just as important as any you may hold one day, and someone cleaning is not deserving of your contempt. Shame on you!

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RAVE To NBA player and Seattle Prep grad Martell Webster, who hosted and financed a basketball camp for 6-13 year olds at Seattle Prep that included great teaching of basketball fundamentals, the importance of education, nutrition and more. And he didn’t leave it to his assistants; he was present and involved the entire time. I’m sure there are many things an NBA star could be doing over a sunny weekend in Seattle. Hats off to Martell for spending his weekend with kids who won’t ever forget the experience! He totally inspired my son.

RANT To my child’s now-former middle school. At their promotion ceremony, as two staff members called out the students’ names, they rattled off the names of the less popular kids and called out the popular kids’ names as if they were announcing celebrities walking the red carpet. No wonder there is such an ugly social hierarchy at that school.

RAVE To the emergency-room doctor who called a week later to see how my husband was doing after his bicycle accident. That was so considerate!

RANT To the lady riding her bike with her young girl strapped to her back, both without helmets. It’s one thing for you to break the law and put yourself at risk but totally another to not have the proper bike seat and helmet so that your child is safe and secure. Add to that, she was texting … put down your phone and pay attention.

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