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RAVE AND RANT Rave for the Burke-Gilman Trail and what it offers bikers and walkers. Rant to bikers riding head down, oblivious to walkers. My 89-year-old brother-in-law who’s walked the trail daily since it opened has been knocked to the ground by two inconsiderate bikers in the past few months, suffering a mild concussion, lacerations and rotator-cuff tear. Reminder to bikers: we need to share the trail with consideration of others, both bikers and walkers.

RANT I can’t be the only person who notices how dingy, dark and dirty the SeaTac garage ground transportation waiting area is. It’s always littered, the trash cans overflowing, it smells of cigarette smoke though smoking is prohibited, the windows are dirty and the floor is stained. It certainly isn’t a nice introduction to Seattle! The inside of the airport has seen vast improvement, why not the garage areas? The place is an embarrassment!

RAVE To the Boy Scouts for their spectacular transformation of the West Seattle Longfellow Creek P-Patch. They weeded, trimmed, removed debris, painted the shed and picnic table to cover graffiti, repaired fences and created a bright new sign heralding the gardening site. We, the neighbors, appreciated their industrious efforts. The scouts embody the true spirit of community involvement.

RANT To the young woman at a symphony concert at Benaroya Hall who couldn’t stop using her smartphone: didn’t you see the big sign requesting that you not take pictures and turn off all electronic devices? Yet you kept taking selfies right up to the beginning of the music and then, in the middle of a Brahms symphony you turned on your smartphone to check who knows what, disturbing people in the rows behind you. If you don’t appreciate symphonic music don’t come to a concert!

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RAVE To the kind man at KeyArena before the James Taylor concert who took our photo by the marquee. It was our first concert in over 20 years. Thanks to you we have a memory for the next 20 years. I’ve always found people are so kind to take photos for others.

RANT To the woman driving down the highway seriously speeding, tailgating and talking on her cellphone. The question isn’t if you will have an accident, but when. Clearly you’re stupid enough to risk your own life, but please try to remember there are other people on the road, and you’re putting all of them at risk with your senseless, self-absorbed behavior.

RAVE To the couple who are making a little spot in our world more beautiful by volunteering to tend a garden at Golden Gardens fishing pier/boat launch. Every drop of water for irrigation is hand carried.

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