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RAVE To the firefighters at Station 32’s open house who made our grandson’s third birthday celebration so exciting for him, his family and friends. They were gracious with all the visitors but gave our grandson a special chance to experience all the cool stuff he’s been reading and dreaming about — help with the hoses, climb on the ladder truck and operate the ladder, go in the station house, etc. The firefighters were all great and we’re lucky to have them in our community. On behalf of our little guy, thank you!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the graffiti “artist” who defaced the memorial sign of our son, who was killed by a drunk driver on University Bridge. Seeing his sign so damaged was very hurtful. Big rave to the city for replacing the sign. Thank you!

RAVE On an early morning walk, my husband and I heard the unmistakable sounds of metal against metal, a car accident. We stopped, thinking someone might need assistance. Two guys got out of their cars, walked to the center of the intersection and…..hugged! How to make the best of a bad start to the day!

RANT To fellow moviegoers who continue to talk after the lights dim and the previews start. Maybe you don’t want to watch previews, but others do. When the lights go down and the screen lights up, it’s a signal to settle down and be quiet.

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RAVE To all the bike riders in and around Seattle whose dedication and fitness inspire my goal to ride my bike to work. Special rave to those of you wearing bright clothing and using adequate lights and reflectors. I lost a bike-riding friend last summer to an inattentive driver and I’d hate for that to happen to you.

RANT To whoever came up with the idea that our public libraries should be turned into day-care centers for screaming toddlers and gathering places for loud, disruptive students who use the library as their social hangout after school, apparently having no idea that other people are there to read, study and do research. While I agree that libraries should be family-friendly, it shouldn’t be at the expense of patrons using the library for its original purposes.

RAVE To King County Metro Drivers who enjoy having conversations with their passengers. Your positive attitudes and cheerfulness make this rider look forward to my daily bus ride. Thank you.

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