Longer, looser top provides an interesting contrast to the skintight "jeggings"

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Q: I like the look of these really stretchy, skinny jeans I see everywhere. They make legs look so long and slim. If I buy some, what kind of tops and shoes would I wear with them?

A: Those skinny pants, a cross between jeans and leggings (hence the nickname jeggings), look best with a long, loose, tunic-style top. Or, if it’s not too hot for layering, a T-shirt under a long vest or slouchy boyfriend sweater.

The longer, looser top provides an interesting contrast to the skintight jeggings — and helps hide any bulges around the middle, rear or thighs.

For a casual look, team them with still-trendy gladiator-style sandals. To dress them up, go with a bubble top of a gauzy, belted tunic and high-heel pumps.

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Keep in mind that jeggings aren’t ideal for hot, muggy, summer days — unless you’re someplace heavily air-conditioned. They’re thicker than leggings and tighter than jeans, and contain a lot of spandex, which tends to trap heat and sweat.

They’re great in cooler weather, however, when you can team them with an oversized sweater and tuck them into boots.

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Q: My favorite black cotton yoga pants always fade after several washings, even though I use a detergent supposedly formulated for dark clothing. They look so shabby that I keep buying new ones. Is there anything I can do to restore the true black color?

A: That must get to be an expensive exercise, replacing your yoga pants every few weeks. It may help a little to turn them inside-out and wash them in cold water, but some black dyes are just not totally colorfast.

You might also want to try Paint It Black, a new product from Simply Spray. It is formulated for use on absorbent materials, and designed to restore rich black color to frequently-washed items such as sportswear, swimsuits, hosiery and leggings. (Sounds custom-made for your yoga pants.) You can read all about it online at simplyspray.com.

And if that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s time to switch to a different color yoga pants. How does gray grab you?

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Scarves have Hollywood by the throat this season. Lightweight scarves of every shape and hue are the current celebrity must-have accessory. Yours too, if you want to tie into the trend. How to fix your scarf once you’ve bought it? That’s always the question. For answers, check my blog at OrlandoSentinel.com/fashionfocus. There you will find step-by-step instructions from a Dressbarn style expert. There’s also a link to a video featuring Elise Loehnen, editor at large at Lucky Magazine, demonstrating how to style an outfit with scarves from the new Lands’ End Canvas collection.

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