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RAVE For the day-care center and Girl Scout troop that put on a special Halloween party for residents of a local adult family home. The residents, who remember when Halloween was a multigenerational community event, were able to experience that feeling again because of the generosity of these young people.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the 61 (yes, SIXTY-ONE!) car drivers and two bicyclists who cruised by me as I tried to cross 45th in Wallingford in the middle of the afternoon. It was obvious I was trying to cross, I’d stepped off the curb and was looking in both directions, but not one of these nitwits stopped. Giant rave for the FedEx driver who did stop — I emailed FedEx and told them he deserves a bonus.

RAVE To the group of motorcyclists who took the time to visit with my disabled brother, inviting him to sit on one of their bikes and let him start it. They were all so kind and he was so happy. One of them noticed that his mom was watching, worried how he would do, and he came over and flashed his badge; they were all off-duty Washington State Patrol officers meeting for a burger on their day off.

To a co-worker who picked up my iPod and pocketed it rather than return it. Now I can no longer trust people I work with, and that’s sad.

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RAVE To the wonderful librarians at the Seattle Public Library and everywhere else, who repeatedly go above and beyond to help customers navigate books and databases. I’m a freelance writer, and a lot of what I know about research has been taught to me by patient, helpful librarians.

RANT To the dog walkers who bring eight, 10, 12 (or more!) dogs to our off-leash parks at one time. I wonder if your customers know you are shoving their dogs into a vehicle with a large pack of unrelated dogs? There’s no way you can keep your eyes on all of them to monitor behavior and pick up after them. Try earning your money by giving some individualized attention to the dogs you’re getting paid to care for.

RAVE To the kind fellow hiker who changed my flat tire at the trailhead when AAA couldn’t come because they don’t provide service on unpaved roads. He and his companion even made sure I got back to the freeway OK. Thanks!

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