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RAVE AND RANT Rave to all of the Harborview doctors, nurses and support crew who had to work on New Year’s Eve in the ER and ER overflow and took exceptional care of my wife who was transferred from Centralia Providence Hospital. Rant to all of the idiots who managed to get themselves shot, in car wrecks and other general mayhem and blamed the folks trying to help them in the ER.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the person who tried to steal the Seahawks pom-pom from the 12th Man scarecrow at Edmonds Conference Center, badly damaging the scarecrow’s arm. Rave to words of encouragement from passers-by during the scarecrow’s repair for their Seahawks and community support.

RAVE To the 160 young performers at Bellevue’s Snowflake Lane who entertained thousands with a great show, making a huge commitment to perform nightly from the day after Thanksgiving till New Year’s Day.

RANT To the enabling father who gave his alcoholic son who’d finally managed to remain sober for four months the “gift” of a bottle of whiskey for Christmas. How can you be so clueless?

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RAVE To the wonderful, honest customer at Fred Meyer who turned in my lost diamond tennis bracelet, my 30th wedding anniversary gift from my hubby in replacement of a trip we were going to take until I broke my back last year. I wish they’d left their name or number so I could say thanks and do something nice for them.

RANT For the “clipboard mafia” folks who commandeer every prime street corner in downtown Seattle aggressively collecting signatures and donations for charities, creating an obstacle course for anyone trying to go about their business or enjoy a downtown experience without being hassled. Worthy as they are, there surely must be a less annoying way for these charities to collect donations.

RAVE To the owner and staff of Ark Lodge Cinema. My brother and I arrived to see a movie on Christmas Eve, only to find that theater closed for a private event. The owner asked what movie we’d had come to see and said he’d show it just for us! We bought our tickets and when the movie ended, tried to to tip the staff who’d stayed late just for us. They said “Oh no, that’s OK, merry Christmas!”

RANT To the gas-station employee who wouldn’t let me (a working Metro Driver in uniform) use the restroom at 11 p.m. Christmas night, even after I explained to him that every place else was closed. Not so merry Christmas.

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