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RAVE For all the festive cranes in Seattle lit up with multicolored lights and Christmas trees, and to all the creative and civic-minded contractors who go to the trouble to place holiday lights on their construction cranes to add color to our skyline. Thanks for the gift of good cheer!

RANT To the young driver at the stop sign in the Fred Meyer parking lot, honking and waving his cellphone at me because I wasn’t walking out of his way fast enough. I hope you put down your phone and find some holiday spirit because the next person you rage at may not be as forgiving as I am.

RAVE I took my son to his first concert, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at KeyArena. The show was terrific, like a love note to Seattle. And the young couple sitting next to us were so great and engaging with my son. They were fun, considerate and helped make the evening truly memorable.

RANT To the high-school students who park in my neighborhood and leave their trash scattered on the sidewalks and streets.

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RAVE To UW Husky quarterback Keith Price, for all he contributes to the UW program and for being a leader on and off the field. Your loyalty, humility and positive attitude is inspiring. God bless.

RANT To all you out there smoking marijuana while driving. We can all smell you three cars away; your tinted windows don’t hide anything. Just because weed is legal doesn’t mean you can smoke while driving, any more than you can open a beer behind the wheel. Keep your recreation at home where it belongs.

RAVE For the volunteers helping people sign up for the Affordable Care Act at Seattle Public Library branches. It took me three in-person sessions to get my somewhat unusual situation figured out, and all three volunteers I worked with were friendly, encouraging and very patient.

RANT To the lowlife who sold me four costly, bogus tickets to Pearl Jam, promising they were good. I told you the concert was on my birthday and you assured me not to worry. You went to great lengths to make tickets look real, printed on Ticketmaster card stock and in a Ticketmaster envelope. What a lousy thing to do when I worked long and hard to earn the money for those tickets, and what a horrible experience on my birthday.

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