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RAVE To the gentleman at the Bellevue Dairy Queen who thoughtfully offered to take a group picture of my son’s basketball teammates and me. After he left, the young lady working the cash register brought me a gift certificate from him. His kindness meant the world to me and impressed the teenagers. Thank you!

RANT To me for barely missing hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk on Valentine’s Day. I never saw you until you ran out of the way of my car. I can claim blind spot but that’s no excuse. Thank God you were paying attention. Hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with people who appreciate you!

RAVE To Natasha, who found my father-in-law after he fell skiing at Stevens Pass. She stayed with him until the Ski Patrol arrived, helped hold him while they did their trauma assessment, and when her work was done, she quietly skied away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness!

RANT To the flipper who turned a charming old home in my neighborhood into an overpriced mess after an amateur attempt at home renovation. Shame on you for greedily asking much more than it’s worth. No wonder it’s not selling.

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RAVE To the manager and staff of the cafe at the Arnold Building at Fred Hutch campus. While taking my husband to daily and weekly medical appointments at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the cafe’s salad bar has helped keep me healthy and sane.

RANT To the person who lifted the newly planted Hebe shrub out of the parking strip in my front yard. What kind of person steals plants out of other people’s yards? I’m sure your bad karma will kill it.

RAVE To all the volunteers who selflessly donated their time and energy to help us find our rescue dog, Joy, who escaped our home and was missing for 10 days. Their kindness meant the world to us and their efforts helped get her back safe and sound. Thanks so much to all of you!

RANT To the woman who purposely led her large dog onto the grounds of the business where I work to do its business. This is not a dog park and businesses pay a lot of money to keep their grounds up. How would she like it if people led their dogs to her yard?

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