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RAVE AND RANT Rave from a 35-year season-ticket holder to every person who had a hand in planning and/or executing the Husky Stadium renovation. I have four words for you: It’s absolutely beautiful — congratulations. Rant to every single person who had a hand in planning the postgame traffic flow for the E-1 parking lot. I have four words for you: It’s absolutely horrendous — recalculate.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the idiot who dropped a lit cigarette butt in the parking strip beauty bark on South Jackson Street. It only took a few minutes for the smoking embers to turn into flames. Rave to the Seattle DOT worker who stopped to help me and prevent an ugly situation from getting much worse.

RAVE To all the drivers who check “organ donor” on their license application. A posthumous rave to the man whose kidney my husband received.

RANT To whoever left their dog tied to a tree in a wooded area at the Ship Canal and left him there for an undetermined amount of time. It was heartbreaking. Another rant to the city of Seattle for employing only one animal-control officer for the whole city, the information I was given when I called. The one officer was responding to an emergency so, of course, couldn’t get to this situation. What is wrong with our city that we can’t take care of a helpless dog in distress?

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RAVE To Brown Bear Carwash free wash day Aug. 22. All the employees went out of their way to provide a pleasant experience.

RANT To the profane cyclist who yelled at us to walk on the right side so he could ride on the sidewalk rather than using the adjacent bicycle lane.

RAVE AND RANT Rave for riding the bus, rant for those who litter the bus stops with garbage.

RANT To the driver who felt I was holding him up while I crossed the street in the crosswalk and who found it necessary to barely avoid hitting me and then to flip me off.

RAVE To the traffic policeman at the traffic circle at the entry to Pier 91 most days of the week who’s so professional, energetic and firm, rapidly and safely moving all the thousands of semi-trucks, taxis, cars, buses, workers and tour-boat passengers in and out of the busy intersection all day long — while keeping a sense of humor.

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